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A message from Leslie – TCP Leadership

What comes to mind when you think of someone being homeless? Is it the teacher at the middle school, your coworker in the IT division, the Amazon driver, the cashier at the big box store, or the Uber driver delivering your food? Surprised? Let me introduce you to the working, homeless families with children right here in the Triangle!

They do not beg; they work. They are not hopeless or helpless… they struggle to make enough money to put food on the table and pay their rent. They are humbled and embarrassed by their situation. They don’t need to be saved; they just need someone to help guide them to a more stable life. They NEED The Carying Place.

The Carying Place sees through the veil of family situations and crafts a journey of transformation. While the journey is often difficult, humbling, and rich with roadblocks, The Carying Place partners with each working, homeless family to navigate their unique situation, educate them on financial management, develop self-reliant skills, and connect with support partners in our community. We do this while preserving the family’s dignity and the family unit.
We want to empower MORE homeless, working families as they navigate their way to economic and housing stability. Our staff passionately blends our education, work, and experience with a commitment to supplying life skills and housing support to families in the Triangle area of North Carolina.

We are excited to invite YOU to join us in helping more families discover their Journey Home!


Who We Are

The Carying Place, Inc. (TCP) is a community-based nonprofit that provides short term transitional housing and services to homeless, working families with children. The goal of the family centered program is to achieve long lasting life skills and permanent housing. Currently, we have worked with over 500 families with an 80% success rate. The program now supports 32 families and 102 children annually who reside in rent free apartments or town homes owned by TCP.

TCP helps homeless working families with children achieve independent living through weekly guidance in managing personal finances, seeking permanent affordable housing, and maintaining a job with a livable income – breaking the cycle of poverty. Over a 16- week period, through mandatory meetings with staff case managers and volunteer support partners, these families are ‘enlightened’ about the skills required for self-sufficiency. Once the family completes the program and is established in their own home, TCP provides continuing services for 1 year to help the family maintain the budgeting skills they have learned and embark on a journey to elevate their situation. These journeys include home
ownership, jobs, skills enrichment, education and personalized coaching.

We consistently maintain a list of 30 or more families waiting to be included in our transitional housing program. The wait can be as long as 5 months. To address the growing need in our community, we need to annually accommodate 60 families with 200 children spaces, almost double what we can do today.As rent and housing become increasingly more expensive, TCP is looking at more innovative solutions.


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Casting a Vision Foward

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